Alien State of Mind

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i'm danielle. 19. filmmaker. new york city. new jersey.

i've attempted to be normal, it just never really worked out.

do you ever just want to punch a wall?? or yourself? cause that’s how i feel about 99.8% of my life basically.


11. Age-19

12. Ideas of a perfect date- A cute boy with a nice booty that will play with my hair and take me to a diner at midnight and then we just drive around and jam out to awesome music.

13. Life goal(s)- Change the world or something, i dunno dude. 

16. Favorite movie- Donnie Darko

17. A fact about my life- I’m really annoying, and I’m pretty sure even my friends hate me

18. Phobia- I hate change, like coins, and I will avoid touching it at all costs.